My Quotes

“A wise decision is not the one that ensures pleasure for many but it’s the one that doesn’t impart an unruly distress to anyone”

“Love your dreams and Shun your fears, Victory is all yours”

“Solitude is never an elixir for grief….”

“Pamper and cuddle the ones whom u want to change…enamor them with so much care, that they are bound to love u”

“Love n more love is the only elixir for the disease of discourteousness”

“Be gentle n amiable...The agony of experiencing the imprudent behavior from a loved one is appalling”

“Never let your loved ones experience the agony of your imprudent attitude behaviour”

“Instill in thyself the art of forgiveness”

“Instill in thyself the art of compromise.,but make sure your compromise does not defy your own happiness and self esteem.”

"When compromise defies happiness, do not just get smitten by the sweetness of giving…realize the importance of being acknowledged "

"Don’t mourn over the troubles in life, treat them as enviable new challenges for a blissful life ahead"

"Ur company withers their blues, Ur anguish causes distress, Ur smile brings pleasure, Ur silence speaks volumes – A true friend. "

"Live ur life..Dont just exist to perform ur duties"

"A ‘True friend’ sees what is invisible to the eye,  hears to the voice of ur soul…
Expect less…Give more,
Whine less…admire more…U will prove the best friend ever"

“Love is not applauding the perfert one…its all about valuing their them wat makes them happy irrespective of ur judgement”

“The best way to ease ur loved one of trouble is to be a silent and sweet listner..U need not agree with them..but u can always listen”

"Love is a beautiful enjoy it u just need to synch the lyric ..ur attitude with the tune"

 "Every minute seems an age..being apart,
But every day feels lucky for being close in heart,
Let the lone hours fly away sooner from us..
And the joy of togetherness be bestowed upon us!!"

 "Value the people when they exist, Cherish the moments spent with them..
Nothing lasts forever, neither the money you have, nor the luxuries you own"


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