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RIP Or LIP, What Is More Important?

Having heard some bad news and lost in thoughts of the uncertainty of life, I felt the need to pen these thoughts of mine. All of us say RIP(Rest in peace) when someone is laid to eternal rest. Do we live in peace when they are alive? Many times we don’t realize the importance of LIP, living in peace and co-exist in peace rather than praying for RIP once we lose them to eternity.
Life is uncertain, so are the associated relations and pleasures. Everything could just turn upside down within a blink of the eye. All the treasures we build by working hard day and night tend to topple down when we are hit by the worst night mares of life like a terminal illness or death. We are engulfed in a myriad of emotions when we lose a dear one from family or friends. Slowly but gradually we try to pull ourselves back on track to lead a normal life. We miss the person terribly and can never get to experience the warmth of their companionship again. Life is never going to be the same again.
We take peop…

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